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Basic Instinct



Basic Instinct (1992)

Jerry Goldsmith 

Released in:

A haunting, atmospherical symphony
Shawn Watson (October 10, 2004)
The late Jerry Goldsmith's score to Basic Instinct is the only element of real class the film has. The sex scenes are ridiculous, the plot a load of baloney and the appeal somewhat lost over the years, despite being an homage to Hitchcock thrillers. Only Goldsmith's score has proved itself to be timeless.

After Basict Instinct was released it opened up a whole new sub-genre of 'erotic thriller' that many low-budget and direct to video filmmakers seized upon. With the exception of a few Shannon Whirry/Gregory Hippolyte films the majority of these had awful, sleazy saxaphone scores to such an abundance that one would assume that Basic Instinct would suffer the fate. Thankfully that is not so.

From the first dreamy and rather spooky opening cues to his brilliant (and dare I say accurate) orchestral interpretation of an orgasm the score is absolutely seamless and breezes from track to track smoothly and laid back. It's all atmospherical stuff with strong themes but there is the odd action cue that you'll recognise as classic Goldsmith.

Be it winter, summer, spring or fall, rainy, windy or sunny the atmosphere the Basic Instinct score creates always seems appropriate and puts you in the same mood.

The only version for sale here is the 40 minute, long OOP Varese Sarabande release from 1992 with only ten tracks. If I were you I'd track down the 2004 Prometheus release with 16 extra tracks (34 minutes) as follows...

1. Main Title (02:13)
2. First Victim (01:39)
3. Catherine & Roxy (05:14)
4. Shadows (00:41)
5. Profile (00:49)
6. Don't Smoke (02:26)
7. Crossed Legs (04:49)
8. Beth & Nick (02:21)
9. Night Life (06:03)
10. Home Visit (01:13)
11. Your Wife Knew (01:44)
12. Untitles (00:52)
13. That's Real Music (00:27)-Actually a clip from Hellraiser
14. One Shot (01:27)
15. Kitchen Help (03:58)
16. Pillow Talk (04:59)
17. Morning After (02:29)
18. Roxy Loses (03:37)
19. Catherine's Sorrow (02:41)
20. Wrong Name (02:22)
21. She's Really Sick (01:31)
22. I Won't Sell (01:02)
23. Games Are Over (05:53)
24. Evidence (01:39)
25. Unending Story / End Credits (09:23)
26. First Victim (Alternate Version) (01:34)

This new expanded release is a fitting epitaph for a great composer who will be missed but who's music will never be forgotten. Basic Instinct is a great score and I urge you to get the Prometheus release.

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