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2001: A Space Odyssey (1993)

Classical Music (various composers), Alex North (score rejected), Frank Cordell (score rejected) 

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A Rejected Epic Of Film Score
timdalton007 (May 18, 2007)
Alex North was one of the great film composers of his generation. So it seems suprising to have learned that he not only wrote a score for Stanley Kubrik's classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey but that Kubrik rejected it as well. And while the film is perhaps the single greatest compilation of classical music ever, this score presents something else entirly. Something that is arguably...better.

The main title track is an epic opening piece. While taking some obvious influence from Also Sprach Zarathustra (the piece that opened the final film) this is a diffrent piece. It seems to be more epic in tone and style. Argualy its a better opening piece then Also Sprach Zarathustra becuase it is more epic and more in line with what we expect from film score.

The highlight of this lost score is the music for the film's sequences at the Dawn of Man. The final film uses no music, only sound effects but here is the music North composed. And it is suspenseful and dark to say the least. When put to film it is a perfect match and it is a shame Kubrik didn't use it.

But the real classic is the music for the space station docking. It a sweeping and lively piece that encompasses the excitement of space travel and it serves as a perfect complement to the scene. Sure it isn't as godd as the Blue Danube when it stands alone but in the context of the film it is a better piece.

The final part of the score that North composed before Kubrik had him stop is for the Moon sequence. These pieces have an otherworldy aspect to them that the piece used in the final film does not. It is errie and dark and carries a reminder of the music from the early sequneces at the dawn of man.

North's lost score to 2001 is a most hear. It is epic in every way and a much better set of music for the world of 2001 then the classical pieces that were used. This is what the score to 2001 could have and should have been. For any serious fan of film score this is a must have and a must hear.

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