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Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World



Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World (2003)

Christopher Gordon, Iva Davies 

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Fantasia on a Theme is haunting.
I bought this cd after watching the film and I'm not regretting the decision. Fantasia on a Theme was a song that inspired me to think upon listening to it once again. This is a good thing - thinking. A very powerful score. There are also a number of very beautiful classical pieces on this soundtrack and two very upbeat "seamen" songs that will make you want to break out the ole gin and rum and begin doing an Irish jig in your living room - or perhaps that's just me? ;-)

Many are clueless
If it wasn't for the movies many persons wouldn't have a clue as to the power and sweeping beauty of classical music. Many choose to remain ignorant--or they choose to exclusively listen to dissonance and noise--what a profound waste of life. Noise incorporates the human condition far too often--why celebrate it?

I guess; therefore, music intertwined onto movie tracks are good.

As tumultuous as my review may be, the skilled efforts of the original music/compilers to clear the eustachian tube of the solid rancid plug of current acceptance of cacophony, disharmony and strife is applauded.

The music is sweeping and beautifully fits the scenes and journey of the movie. All parties are to be commended (perhaps a Grammy?)

Broaden your horizons and carefully research the composers works represented onto the soundtrack. You'll be glad you did.

Excellent Soundtrack based on an excellent movie
This was one of the movies I was waiting to see and I was disappointed by it. As good as the visuals were, the soundtrack caught my ear, so I went to buy it and needless to say, I wasn't disappointed. It is a good mixture of music, from the folksy sounding sea tunes to some of the classical pieces. The sea song medley sounds like listening to a spot on NPR. The violin stuff sounds awesome though. My only complaint is that this wasn't released in SACD.

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