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Videodrome (1983)

Howard Shore 

Released in:

Outstanding Synth Score
by a soundtrack collector (January 19, 2004)
This score is Shore's only purely synthesized score as far as I know, and it is like no other electronic music I have ever heard. The thing is that it sounds deceptively simple, but I can't explain what this music does to me. I wouldn't compare it to any Carpenter-stuff because there is an otherworldly and surrealistic quality to this music that sets it apart from anything else. It is very dark stuff, and full of great moments. My favourite track is 801 A/B(oh, I love that title), that is the fullest version of the main theme and can be heard when Max Renn enters the harbour and goes on that rotten ship.
What a great scene!
The other great track is PINS AND NEEDLES, the most painful sounding piece of music I know.
Also, the last track, LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH, finishes the album with a synth line and an electric piano playing a jazzy and strangely relaxed melody over it.
In my eyes, both film and music are works of genius.
Open up, Max. I got something I wanna play for you!

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