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Last Samurai, The



Last Samurai, The (2003)

Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli (additional music), Blake Neely (additional music), Trevor Morris (additional music) 

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Add another great to the line up of Mr Zimmer
by a soundtrack collector (September 6, 2005)
Another quality showing by Hans Zimmer that can be added to the list of great film scores along with Pearl Harbour, Batman Begins, Gladiator this score was made with the Samurai in mind and matches to the film perfectly, Dramatic yells and oriental drums are all used to great effect in this score. Recomended

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Zimmer Gains Honor for "Last Samurai"
There will, no doubt, be comments comparing Hans Zimmer's capable score for Edward Zwick's "The Last Samurai" with other works, "Pearl Harbor" and "Gladiator" come to mind. And there are elements of this score that do remind you of both. But there is much to be admired and enjoyed in this orchestral score. Zimmer offers a very introspective and melodic approach which may surprise some. There are dramatic cuts, as well, and "Red Warrior" is the best of these. Here Zimmer combines his thematic material with rousing Samurai chants for a moving climax. There are a few moments when Zimmer is a bit too modern, but they pass and are quickly overshadowed by better elements. Zimmer is also quite adept in this score at combining Japanese motifs and Western themes without overt stereotypes. Very well produced and packaged by Elektra.

I'll try to keep this short and interesting..........
.......but I'll tell you this right now: I LOVE this score. And I'v had it for less than a day.

This has to be the best score I?ve heard from Zimmer in a long time! It seems like he?s getting better and better all the time. After a wacky Matchstick Men earlier this year, he pulls of a great epic score and manages to make it very fresh and original. I remember hoping that this wouldn?t turn out to be a Japanese Gladiator, and it isn?t! The only score it sounds anything like to my ears is The Thin Red Line, with plenty of contemplative moments and thematic beauty. I don?t really consider myself that much of a Zimmer fan, but he has made some truly great scores, and this is one of them. It?s definitely worthy of an Oscar nomination, and worthy of your notice!

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