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Troy (2004)

James Horner, Gabriel Yared (score rejected) 

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This is one you won't forget
Kim (March 19, 2006)
Troy is one of those type of soundtracks that you won't forget anytime soon, whether or not you actually saw the movie. The sweeping score literally takes you back to the ancient war between the Greeks and gives you a wonderful understanding of their culture.

Not to be missed is the epic beach landing sequence with the arrival of the spartans on Troy's beach and the subsequent sacking of the Temple of Apollo. Another epic piece is the one on one battle between Hector and what is presumed by all to be Achilles. (only later do we find out it isn't). This sequence is so stunningly timed to the action in the movie itself that I found myself holding my breath. Hearing it on cd, whether at home or in the car or where ever you might be, this music will take you back again and again.

This is an epic score, not often seen on this scale. It is most definately one you won't forget.

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