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Hellboy (2004)

Marco Beltrami 

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Beltrami's best yet.
Alex (July 17, 2006)
It seems Marco Beltrami is a composer who lies between two extremes: His work is inspired and impressive or it's downright unimaginative and lazy. Lately he's been getting better, and I think "Hellboy" may be his best work to date. This varied and eclectic score swifts between sounding bizzarely Elfmanesque and jazzy and dark and forboding, and it even has a sold love theme going for it, first heard in track 5, "LIz Sherman", and then reprised as "Hellboy and LIz" in track 19. The score is also highlighted by solid action cues and a truly bizarre piece of music closes the disc, "B.P.R.D".
This is Beltrami's best score to date and I highly recommend it, it has all the distinction, originality, and orchestral power most of his other scores simply don't have at all.

Hell Breaks Loose
Godwin Borg (July 6, 2005)
Out of today's composers Marco Beltrami is definitely one of the most talented and he was definitely one of the very few composers who were fit to score this comicstrip character and bring more depth to both the characters adn the plot with his blend of funerary, symphonic and sombre music, at points the score is highly dramatic, at others it's simply hilarious, fitting the pictures like a glove and also a very beautiful lsitening expeiene on its own, i n a few words it's a perfect score. Director Del Toro definitely made the right choice when he hired Beltrami for the this job. Let's hope Beltrami scores also the forthcoming Hellboy 2 (scheduled for a 2006 release). Highlights from the score ate Father's Funeral, Hellboy & Liz, the beautiful KrKroene's Lied and the main theme, the rest is nothing less than amazing bloodfreezing music! An allout 5.

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