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Lord Of The Rings, The



Lord Of The Rings, The (1978)

Leonard Rosenman 

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The first one
by a soundtrack collector (April 9, 2006)
This score for the animated version of Tolkienīs novel is a difficult but fascinating listening.

Rosenman delivers eerie choirs, strange marches along with his typical trademarks such as the 12-tone-pyramid and even used the Blaster Beam, the hip instrument of the late 70s, which Jerry Goldsmith used to great effect in his masterful Star Trek: The Motion Picture score one year later. Rosenmanīs use of it is minimal but effective: Here, the sound of the Blaster Beam characterizes the Balrog which attacks the heros. Rosenman also composed a song for mixed choir, Mithrandir (with lyrics by Mark Fleischer), which is sugary but still moving on itīs own. The main theme, a rousing march, is one of Rosenmanīs best.

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