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Village, The



Village, The (2004)

James Newton Howard 

Released in:

Close but no cigar...
Alex (June 24, 2006)
Hate to say it but Howard's score for "The Village", while certainly being strong and working well for the film, really isn't all it's hyped to be. It is well-composed, and the violin solos are very nice. But we've heard scores like this before, and this album doesn't have enough distinction to its music, it's never truly beautiful or truly scary or truly atmospheric. Howard never goes the whole way and leaves the score sounding, hate to say it, fairly tedious, albiet well-done.
The disc starts well with "Noah Visits", which introduces us to the past world in which the film takes place and acts as an orchestral pallette of the various instruments we're to hear. "Those We Don't Speak Of" is a very good agressive horror track, blaring french horns but soon melding into yet more violins. Very effective. Unfortunately, most of the tracks, though far from forgettable, really aren't EXCELLENT. They sound like a big-orchestra rendition of classical music and nothing more. It isn't quite good enough to be a truly great score.
I think it could have really been something. If only...
Hey, for the cheap cost one can obtain it for, give it a try. My opinion seems to be of a very small minority.

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