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J'Ai Tué Raspoutine



J'Ai Tué Raspoutine (1967)

André Hossein 

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A touching score based on a tragic history
Dorian (July 24, 2005)
The vigorous circumstances that led to the end of tzar monarchy in Russia in the beginning of the 20th century would not be complete without the character of Raspoutine. The tragic story from this period was filmed by Robert Hossein in 1967 and, along with others, starred the authentic Russian princess Ira von Fürstenberg. Like for most of Hossein's movies, the score was written by his father André. Unfortunately it is the only one that got the deserved LP and later CD treatment.
Many of the short cues are variations of the main theme, very tragic in feel, but also glorious and historic. The orchestra is not large in number but the different arrangements are very well done. Also can be found several 'orgie' tracks, created only of voice choruses. Few dance numbers (unfortunately too short) are included as well.
Although very short in playing time and not so varied, this curious and forgotten French work should be re-discovered today. Worth a listen for its unique features !

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