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Little Romance, A



Little Romance, A (1979)

Georges Delerue 

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For the music lovers & romantic in us all
(...) This score compliments the film very well. One of the classics in my opinion. Yes, yes, to each his/her own. I am sure I'll be scoffed for saying such a thing with all the "greats" out there. Whatever, I don't care what anyone thinks! In my opinion, you haven't got romance in your life if you have a difference of opinion (of which I *will* permit you to have).

The film is genuine, sincere and delicately passionate. It's quiet, beautiful, fun, sweet and so much more. By the end of this film, no matter HOW many times I have seen it - I am always in tears and full of smiling sighs. (Yes, I do own a copy, and God knows how many times I've seen it!)

The piece I found truest to this score vs. the film was the piece by Vivaldi. They could not have found a better selection. It captured the true essence of longing, of romance. One of the best films ever created, accompanied by a wonderful score. It's beautiful any which way you look at it. Well, those who *choose* to look at it as such ;) I know I do...

Highly recommend this film AND the soundtrack!!

I saw this movie as a 12 year old in 1980 on a flight from the Far East to Europe. I was so bored on the plane and when they started the movie most passengers were asleep. I was completely mesmerized by the movie and the story was so touching and innocent; two young teenagers fall in love and are fearful of losing each other so elope to Venice to kiss under the Bridge of Sighs so that they may remain in love forever. I never saw the title so did not know the name of the movie but remembered it vividly. By chance I saw it on cable TV 5 years ago and was totally reduced to tears by the end. This is one of the few movies about true love and the pain one endures to find and keep it. A very well made movie which will be a favourite for those who like romantic films, in the same genre of Cinema Paradiso and Il Postino. A gem.

I'm always deeply touched whenever I hear Delarue's magnum opus. Tears flood my eyes when I'm watching ALR and I hear this fantastic score flood the screen (literally overpowering the actual movie sometimes). This is definitely Delarue's greatest work, and probably the best film score out there (although Goldsmith has done some pretty good stuff). BUY THIS NOW!!!!!

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