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King Kong



King Kong (2005)

James Newton Howard, Howard Shore (score rejected) 

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Mixed (but mostly positive) feelings,
Alex (July 10, 2006)
The first time I listened to this album, I was disappointed to say the least. One of my favorite cues from the film, the beautifully haunting choral piece played ominously over the scene in the spider pit, was not featured on the disc. Most of the music was action-oriented, which has never really been my cup of tea. But gradually, Howard's score grew on me. The themes, be it action or more horrific, or gentle and somber (Such as "Beautiful"), are very distinct and memorable. Some moments are also quite lovely, such as track 8, "It's Deserted". The main kong theme, which makes many appearances throughout the album, is powerful and arresting (I believe it first appears in track 12, "Tooth and Claw").
A strong, action-packed, often lovely score. I was disappointed at first, but it grew on me. Very much recommended.

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