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Anne Of Green Gables



Anne Of Green Gables (1985)

Hagood Hardy 

Released in:

Lyrical, lush chamber piece
Bret Wheadon (January 26, 2002)
Hagood Hardy composed his most popular piece of music for the "Anne of Green Gables" television movies which were produced in the mid-1980s. The movies, which were gentle, whimsical recreations of the books by Lucy Maud Montgomery, garnered universal critical and popular acclaim for their depictions of turn of the century life on Prince Edward Island. The music, which is by turns romantic and high-spirited, perfectly fits the spirit and quality of the telefilms it supported.
From the raucous Americana fiddle in "Dolly" to the pastoral strings and oboes of "The Trip To Green Gables," the score manages to capture the variety of moods and images associated with the film. Mr. Hardy in particular has written a memorable and inviting main theme which is repeated several times throughout the film which is reminiscent of the sweeping themes of John Barry, yet more intimate due to the constrictions of a smaller orchestra used in the recording. Previously available only in Japan, the soundtrack has since been reissued in America by Hagood Hardy on the ISIS label, and is a gorgeous keepsake for fans of the films, and for collectors of lush orchestral soundtracks.

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