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Transformers (2007)

Steve Jablonsky 

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Kim (November 4, 2007)
Transformers is probably the last score a serious collector would consider IF you haven't spent the two plus hours viewing the movie. Like the famous Transformer's toy tagline..there is "more than meets the eye" with this soundtrack. I noticed right away the incredible Nick Glennie Smith is credited in the insert. Also listed were the incomparable Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams. I definately can hear the Gregson-Williams signature sound (think Chronicles of Narnia) in the softer sounding portions of the score.

Seems this power group of composers teams up more often than we soundtrack collectors may notice..and I say keep it coming! Take the time to pick this score up especially if you like the work of any of the following: Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator); Nick Glennie-Smith (Man in the Iron Mask, A Sound of Thunder); or Harry Gregson-Williams (Kingdom of Heaven, Chronicles of Narnia).

For my vote, this is the score of 2007.

It's about Time
by a soundtrack collector (October 11, 2007)
This score is worth getting. I find myself on some of the tracks thinking of Batman Begins, but for the most part, this is the true music of the autobots. The depth of "Optimus", "Bubblebee" "Arrival to Earth" and "You're a Soldier now" made me glad I joined the folks that petitioned to have the score released. Truely moving music.

The Score of Transformers is Impressive,......
Gus Reyes (September 29, 2007)
By analyzing the film, You can find that the script is one of the worst of all times, that the acting is ridicule, and the special effects are extremely exaggerated,.......but the score of this film is the real thing. Many will find it very typical or unimaginative butt it actually works. The Hans Zimmer school is growing. Steve Jablonsky achieves a great work that functions perfectly with the motion. Its to bad that the film is terrible, and the many rock and popular annoying pieces that are scattered in all the film,....
But if you like the Zimmer stile and love the new batch of composers under his command, you will find this score absolutely impressive!!!!!!

Greed at its worst.
by a soundtrack collector (August 23, 2007)
Well, let's be honest. The lack of score in this soundtrack is not exactly a shortcoming. Any score I heard during the movie was unimaginative at best, while the theme for the creepy little decepticon sounded suspiciously like 'The Kraken' from Dead Man's Chest. Only much more boring. Anyway, almost half the songs on the soundtrack that they releases AREN'T EVEN IN THE FILM!!! They don't even have anything to do with the plot. So, basically, if you buy this soundtrack, you are buying a compilation of rock songs that have little or nothing to do with the movie, and are supporting a ridiculous display of greediness.

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