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Iron Man



Iron Man (2008)

Ramin Djawadi 

Released in:

A Solid Driving Score!
Michael Longstreet (May 9, 2008)
Ramin Djawadi’s musical score for Iron Man is driving and full of great moments, just like the film. Chronicling the events of Tony Stark and his exploits as the title character, Djawadi (last name pronounced “Java-dee”) does a great job of keeping the music pulsing and exciting.

The best thing about the album is the content. There are 15 tracks of actual score music, and 4 tracks of other music. I found myself fully enjoying every track as I went through the album. If you’re a fan of Djawadi, whose other credits include Blade: Trinity and Prison Break, or just a fan of film scores, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

I think the worst thing about the album is the inclusion of the song “Institutionalized,” Suicidal Tendencies. This is nothing but a noisy song that doesn’t below on a score album. I’m sure the only reason it was included is because there was no “music inspired by” CD, like there was for Spider-Man 3, and they still wanted the track released. The album also contains music by John O’Brien, Rick Boston, DJ Boborobo, and Jack Urbont.

I’m actually surprised there wasn’t a “music inspired by” album featuring Black Sabbath’s classic “Iron Man.” I’m sure others would have even remade the song especially for this film. Sadly we’ll never see it.

Even though some of the album highlights are “Driving With the Top Down,” “Mark II,” and “Arc Reaktor,” there really aren’t any bad score tracks on the album. This is a great score to add to your collection, as it pleases the senses with driving music like “Fireman,” and “Iron Man,” and melodic tracks like “Are Those Bullet Holes?” and “Trinkets to Kill a Prince.” Djawadi does it all.

Distributed by Lionsgate Records, Djawadi is an obvious protégé of Academy Award nominee Hans Zimmer (who produced the album). Even though you can’t hear it, of course, the album also features world renowned film conductor Gavin Greenaway (The Bourne Ultimatum, Happy Feet).

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