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Breach (2007)

Mychael Danna 

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The first of two delightful scores this year
bansheefan57 (May 8, 2007)
With the new year, has come two scores that I am only too pleased to write about. Mychael Danna gives us a subtle, easy sounding score for the 2007 drama "Breach". It is based mostly with piano and strings. This is a combination that most dramas have. In this score, we definitely feel it, as much as we hear it. For most films, the score is meant to be heard at certain levels, or on certain rates. It takes a real composer to make us feel the score. Feeling is an element that most film scores today, will miss out on. There is so much structure that is composed into a score, and the ability to bring out as much emotion as can possibly be felt, is a talent that not too many composers possess today, but Mychael Danna surely does, and it surely makes one of the most positive impressions in "Breach". You hear the conflict, the tragedy, the tension, and the sympathy all throughout. A very pleasing score to the very end, and a major suprise in the industry.

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