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Homme Et Une Femme, Un



Homme Et Une Femme, Un (1966)

Francis Lai 

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Un Homme et Une Femme
This is one of the most beautiful collection of songs that I have ever heard. Every time I listen to my CD (morning, noon and night) I see the movie all over again. Every song while different in its own way, relates to the other, either with subtle counter melodies or sweeping harmonies. Every time I listen to this soundtrack, I hear something interesting that I missed before. If you can appreciate the classics, this should definately be in your selection for listening pleasure. Thirty five years after it's release this music is as fresh today as it was then. Definately the work of a true genius.

The Real Deal
This is the original soundtrack of the movie "A Man and a Woman", in French. The "Best of A Man and a Woman" album by Francis Lai is a recording in English, and has nothing to do with the movie. This version has the wonderful, romantic music that made the movie a winner of the Palm D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Yes, the price is outrageous (a rare import?), but I looked and could not find this anywhere else. You gotta pay for art.

Viva La Francis Lai!
Didn't think much of the movie, to tell the truth--what I recall of it 'lo these many years later. Now, as far as the soundtrack is concerned: well, that's a different story! Loved it more than 30 yars ago (when I owned the vinyl at one time), so did buy the CD recently and paid a pretty penny for it: something like under forty bucks! But it was worth it. I never get tired of the music. Don't pay what I paid for it, though. Mine was one of those imports from Japan. I just had to have it--and bought it. Five stars, of course.

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