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River Wild, The



River Wild, The (1994)

Jerry Goldsmith, Maurice Jarre (unused score) 

Released in:

Big Water! Big Music!
Godwin Borg (June 17, 2005)
The disc starts with the traditional song 'The Water is Wide' (that is also reprised in the end credits) and the main theme of the film is also an adaptation of this beautiful theme. Adapting was something late Maestro JERRY GOLDSMITH excelled at. From circumstance to anoter, from scene to scene and from one film to another Goldsmith not only always adapted but excelled. The 1994 movie, starring Kevin Bacon and Meyyl Streep might not be very famous like other films scored by Jerry however it was one of Goldsmith's finest and most beautiful scores he composed in the 90's. Suspence and anticipation are some of the key elements of this score but this beautiful score is equally balanced with beautiful melodic moments, that flow just like the limpid waters of a stream, just to to tranform themselves once again in eruptuous moments of orchestral bombast of a wild river, the River Wild! For sure of my many favourites of Goldsmith's treasures. Mightnot be so accesible to find in stores but it's worth the search and your every dollar you spend on it! Also worth mentioning is that the DVD "‘Film Music Masters: Jerry Goldsmith" features among other footage from the scoring sessions of the River Wild, I strongly recommend also this disc if like me you are a Jerry Goldsmith fan.

In memory of JERRY GOLDSMITH (1929 - 2004)
Still and forever missed by his family, friends and last but not least by his fans.

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