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Dark Knight, The (2008)

James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer 

Released in:

A dark journey
Patrick Duhamel (July 20, 2008)
I was looking forward to listen to this album. Batman Begins was an excellent score with a hint to a fabulous theme for Batman that wasn't never fully developed. So, when I listened the first time to the score of the second installment, it was before I even saw the movie and I was quite shocked and disturbed. The theme that I was hoping for never came. It was like if somebody has changed the plan set on the first album. And after seeing the movie, I now know that this somebody was the Joker.
Batman was supposed to be this hero loved by everybody, hated by every criminal. But the Joker changed the rules. He pushed the Batman to his limits. And by doing so, Batman is more tormented than ever. How can we have a heroic theme if the hero himself doesn't feel like a hero. The first track ("Why So Serious?") set the pace as the Joker is setting the pace of the movie, always ahead of Batman and the police. It's twisted, it's challenging and scary because we don't know what will happen next with him. Of course, Batman is trying to stop him, but we can hear that it's quite difficult and we are never certain that he will succeed. In the end, even if the Joker is stopped, we can feel that Batman we have began with in the first movie is not the same, and he is not what we have anticipated him to be. He is more dark, more alone, more tormented than before. The grande finale ("A Dark Knight") fully expressed this feeling. This album is a masterpiece because, like the movie, it's a scary journey to the dark side that leaves nobody indifferent and unchanged.

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