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Incredible Hulk, The



Incredible Hulk, The (2008)

Craig Armstrong 

Released in:


Michael Longstreet (June 18, 2008)
This is an (pardon the pun) incredible score. Craig Armstrong’s music for Marvel’s second studio film is full of great moments, from start to finish. Armstrong is new to the superhero genre, previously scoring films like Ray, Moulin Rouge, Tomb Raider 2, and World Trade Center, but he doesn’t let that show.

This powerful score holds onto the listener from the very first track, “Arctic,” which ironically enough is from a scene that wasn’t even in the film. Armstrong doesn’t disappoint as he continues the powerful score, culminating up to the “Hulk Theme (End Credits)” on the end of the second disc. There is so music great music on here that’s hard to come up with anything bad to say.

There are great moments of action like “Favela Escape” and “That is the Target” to great moments of poignant sadness with tracks like “It Was Banner” and “A Tear.” Armstrong does it all, even performing “The Lonely Man” within the “Bruce Goes Home” track located on the first disc. A lot of the music reminds of a cross between James Newton Howard’s scores for The Fugitive and King Kong, both great scores.

I definitely found this score to be not only one of the better ones released this summer, but one of the highlights of all superhero films ever made. This is just truly a fantastic piece of music.

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