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Cutthroat Island



Cutthroat Island (1995)

John Debney 

Released in:

This Is The John Debney I Want To Hear
Luis M. Ramos (July 12, 2005)
I first found out of John Debney when I saw his name as the composer for a comedy starring Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker named "Hocus Pocus". I didn't pay much attention to it because that movie was not my kind of movie. But I saw his name again on the submarine sci-fi T.V. show "seaQuest, D.S.V.", and I liked what I heard on its two-hour pilot. Later it was nice to see his name as the composer for a Peter Hyams film: "Sudden Death", and his music was great. Then I thought he is a musician I should really pay attention to. Unfortunately, he has been typecast as a composer for comedy films.
Thank God Prometheus released the complete score of what I think it's the best score by John Debney, "Cutthroat Island". As performed by the always effective London Symphony Orchestra, this score is rousing and spectacular that should stand next to the great classics by Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Miklos Rozsa. When the main theme is first heard on 'Morgan's Ride', I realized I was in front of something big. The highlight of this expanded edition is the 17-minute track 'The Battle', a truly action feast that every soundtrack collector should enjoy.
Somehow, I feel that the bonus tracks are not necessary. However, the synth demo version of 'Morgan's Ride & The Rescue' is pretty neat that doesn't really sound that electronic.
In general, "Cutthroat Island" is a great classic that should be in every collection. If only John Debney received more projects like this because he is a fine artist that is wasted in comedy.

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