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Air Force One



Air Force One (1997)

Jerry Goldsmith, Joel McNeely, Randy Newman 

Released in:

Randy Newman's score was rejected.

Five stars for the complete score.
Shawn Watson (February 7, 2004)
Varese Sarabande badly misrepresents Jerry Goldsmith's wonderful score on this strangely brief CD. Only one third of the full score is available here. Varese are a bit unreliable this way. They either do huge releases or tiddlers like this one.

The complete score is 95 minutes long. This one is just over 30. Not very fair considering how great it is. And what is even cooler is the fact that Goldsmith composed this score within two weeks. The first score was done by Randy Newman but was rejected by Wolfgang Peterson for sounding too tongue-in-cheek and light-hearted. Having heard this score I am inclined to agree.

Goldsmith's take on the action is FAR more appropriate. Most people say that the score sounds triumphantly 'American'. It may be patriotic and triumphant but to say only Americans will feel empowered by the main theme is ridiculous. Anyone who appreciates good music will love it.

Track 4 'Hijacking' is seriously 7 minutes of pure action. It will totally get your pulse racing. Of that there is no doubt. But it's the only part of this particular CD that has any great action in it.

If you dig this music but only want a sampler of it on CD or if you are a big fan of Goldsmith then go ahead and buy it. If the slight running time bugs you then I suggests hunting down the complete score. Otherwise 2.5/5 for this release and 5/5 for the real thing.

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