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Maddalena (1971)

Ennio Morricone 

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Maddalena, a score worth attention !
Dorian (May 22, 2005)
Maestro Ennio Morricone wrote so many hundreds of scores that only a few people are lucky to know them all. I am definitely not one of them - but most of those I know have attracted me somehow, each one in a different way. Probably the biggest surprise for me was the soundtrack for the old Italian movie MADDALENA.
I picked the Saimel edition at a discount price in the local shop the other day due to the price and seeing the simple cover and tiny booklet, did not thought so much of it. Also the bonus tracks did not look so attractive as they are just alternates and reprises, no expanded score with new tracks.
Oh how I forgot about everything when I heard the main theme !!! Come Maddalena at 9'16'' is one of the longest repetitive main themes I've heard. It's perfect. Totally sweet and beautiful, it touches the heart with such a unique feeling. It could go on for 30 minutes of the same and I wouldn't mind at all. Arguably the most famous soundtrack vocal soloist Edda dell'Orso gives one of her most curious performances while the conductor Bruno Nicolai also recorded the organ part.
The soundtrack is also notable for introducing the famous Morricone theme 'Chi Mai', later a best-selling single and a main theme for 'Le Professionnel'. I like the old early 70's arrangement from MADDALENA most.
Much more difficult for listening is the almost 10-minute track 'Erotico Mistico'. This 'orgy' track gets a bit boring for me after few minutes. Also it's a pity that the Saimel edition has only a short liner notes and only in Spanish. But, who cares for such details ? This soundtrack has such a sweet moments that it is definitely to be recommended !

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