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Starship Troopers



Starship Troopers (1997)

Basil Poledouris 

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A rare achievement
Samuel Van Eerden (September 20, 2005)
This is one of those hard2find soundtracks where the composer (Basil Poledouris) mixes beautiful harmonies, melodies, and themes with powerful percussion and energetic bursts of sound. Usually you can only find one or the other, but Poledouris uses both to perfection.

Even though the patriotic main theme is played almost constantly, giving the listener the feeling (as he watches the movie) that the troopers will not lose, it is such an excellent cue that it is enjoyable to hear over and over.

The action cues of "Klendathu" and "Brain Bug" are the work of a genius (as Poledouris truly is!), and several other tracks like (*SPOILER!*) "Dizzy's Funeral" exude a more emotional side of war.

The only drawback (besides the horrific rock ballad of Poledouris' daughter Zoe on the end track) is the album's dismal length. At just under 36 minutes, this is a very short score for a rather lengthy (2.30 hours) movie. Especially when the movie has music playing pretty constantly throughout. As a result, many excellent cues from the movie are missing from the CD.

Oh well; what's there is still worth buying!!

Samuel Van Eerden

Starship Symphony
Godwin Borg (July 16, 2005)
From the very first note of FED NET MARCH till the very last note of THEY WILL WIN this is one of the most energetic and bombastic scores ever written in the history of film music! It has everything a fan of this type of score wants; jawdropping heroic themes, pounding miltary marches, heartwrenching sad moments and lush arrangements. BASIL POLEDOURIS was definitely the most appropriate composer for this score, his unique sense of melody, blanced with sheer power make of STARSHIP TROOPERS a one of a kind score. He did not try to emulate the other galactic saga scores in any way at all but came out with his own bombastic space saga music! Loads and loads of military music tempos, columns and columns of snares that will ensare you into space obliveon! My favourite cue is undeoubtedly KLENDATHU DROP, containing one of the most heroic themes I ever heard, theme recurring (in a different skin and contect) a another couple of times in the whole score. The CD ends witha song composed by BASIL's daughter ZOň, an enjoyable song really but does not have anything to do with the score, it's a good song mind you so this CD still gets a full 5 out of 5. Worth checking out is also the much harder to find Acme Millenium edition of the score, that contains much more music than the standard Varese Sarabande issue and it's completely score! Get this monolithic Symphony now and blast 'em aliens!!!

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