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Basil Poledouris and Hans Zimmer composed some of the finest and most passionate music ever written for the motion picture screen with their music for Disney's White Fang (1991). I double dog dare someone to hear it and prove me wrong. I want to beg all you soundtrack collector buffs out there to lets team up and verbally fight for the soundtrack to be released. WHITE FANG is the best music that Basil Poledouris wrote and it needs its day to shine. What better way to pay honor to Maestro Poledouris than for us to get Disney to release this most needed soundtrack.
Many people will never get to hear the music unless they see the movie. Imagine if that is the only means to get the music to us is by means of a DVD with talking in the background. HELP ME FOLKS; LETS DO THIS ONE FOR THE BP.
Scott Gamble / Musicology for a better Alabama

Classicalgamble, December 19, 2006; 10:20 PM


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