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Music Cues

I have noticed that in the secuel of A Better Tomorrow film, A Better Tomorrow 2 (1987) there were a lots of music cues such as soundtracks from other films like Parole De Flic (1985) , 52 Pick-Up and Starman (1984). Some tracks from those films were used as music cue for the Chinese film.

It is a big problem such as if you want the complete score of the film, you must look for other soundtracks that contain the same music, but they are hard to find or simply out of print.

Anyway there is a YouTube user, he is called AngeloRipertto, that posts rare OST's from chinese films, such as The Killer (1989), Just Heroes (1989) and of course, A Better Tomorrow I and II.

His channel has music cues from A Better Tomorrow trilogy, and it is the only person who I know, that has unreleased and rare music scores to cult films.

egorsukh98, May 25, 2013; 8:46 AM

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