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Which soundtracks?

Is it still worth it to get the 12-track soundtrack or should I look for the Varese Sarabande one?

Tegh48, November 7, 2006; 6:31 AM


I own both versions, the varese has about 67 mins runtime, milan about 45 min. there are several great tracks from the movie not included on the milan release.
if you can't get the OOP varese release, get the the milan asap!!! it is still worth the purchase. the music is great.
the milan release has the spoken prologue, which is not in the varese release.
Some time ago I read that the varese edition was the final one, there will be no such thing as "the complete score", because the source master tapes are damaged beyond repair. Only a re-recording would help, but I doubt it would be the same :)

karol, November 7, 2006; 7:42 AM

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