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Soma Sonic

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Dominic Paterson / Francois Paterson

Soma Sonic/France & Dom are producers, writers, soundtrack composers and recording artists Francois and Dominic Paterson. The brothers have been collaborating on music as a team for the past 6 years. Their debut album Future, a moody, down-tempo excursion, was released on their own Subsonic Recordings label in the fall of 1999, and re-released in the U.S. through Sonic Images Electronica/Universal in the spring of 2000.

The music of Soma Sonic has appeared on numerous compilation albums, movie soundtracks, feature films, and television shows both domestically & internationally.

In 2001 the brothers were approached by Los Angeles based chill - out electronica label Water Music Records (distributed by Universal Music) and offered a production/co-publishing deal. The formation of P Productions company was created to facilitate the deal.

The brothers then released side-project singles under their France & Dom moniker for Water Music Records. France & Dom tracks have appeared on over 15 compilation albums on Water Music Records/Universal including such top sellers as (Purified, Sub Zero, Chill-Out Lounge, Ambient Dreams and Hotel Chill). The production/co- publishing deal was fulfilled with the completion of a full-length 13 track France and Dom album entitled Modernism released in November 2002.

Francois & Dominic continued working on other production jobs, creating original music compositions for various media applications through their own Subsonic Recordings company. As Soma Sonic, the bros. scored their first full length Canadian feature Rub & Tug and also wrote, produced, recorded and arranged all the music featured in the film and on the soundtrack album which was released in spring 2003.

In late 2003 Francois & Dominic met Christelle Pechin (singer/lyricist) on the new Soma Sonic album. Based in Geneva Switzerland but originally from Lyon France Christelle is a classically trained singer, pianist, harpist, and arranger. She has performed solo and with various bands and Orchestras throughout Europe.

After 2 years of writing, mixing, arranging, and playing, 26 new Soma Sonic songs were written. Recorded in France, Switzerland, Los Angeles and Toronto "Simplicity" contains 22 songs carefully chosen by France, Dom and Christelle. With music on the album being (written, produced, mixed, arranged and mastered) by France & Dom, all (Lyrics & Vocals) by Christelle Pechin.

The music of Soma Sonic continues to appeal to many in the film, television and advertising field. Over the last 2-3 years Francois & Dominic have forged close relationships with a number of film directors, film producers, music supervisors, art directors and multimedia companies Internationally. Music from the Subsonic Recordings catalog has been used & continues to be licensed for various uses in both international & domestic feature films, television shows and movie soundtracks.  

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