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Halfdan E
November 21, 1965 

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Born on 21 November 1965 in Denmark.

Halfdan E is one of the most promising film composers on the European scene today. His talent as a musical storyteller has brought him continued success as a composer for film and television, working with prominent film directors such as Per Fly (DK) and Hans Petter Moland (NO).

Halfdan operates in the twilight zone between the conventional orchestral score and the imaginative use of strange instruments and sounds. This approach enables him to come up with new ideas and sounds and to capture the ever-changing modes as well as increasing the focus that a specific scene or epic progression demands.

After stints as a session bass player in many different rock bands in the 80's and early 90’s, followed by a degree from the Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Halfdan found his true calling. During the crossover project "Pas På Pengene" with Danish poet Dan Turèll, Halfdan fulfilled the role as composer, music performer and sound designer. This collaboration resulted in two CDs, both awarded Danish Grammy awards.

He continues to stay busy writing and developing music for films as well as nurturing his penchant for rock music; he is also a pop and rock producer, working with some of the most popular Danish acts.

Halfdan’s most recent work is the score for Per Fly's TV-series "Forestillinger", which features some of his most unique and bold score music to date.

Halfdan has been awarded three Danish Robert awards out of five nominations.

(Written by Andreas R. Bothmann) 

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