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Godfather soundtrack

what's the name of the piano music being played in the godfather during the montage after michael shoots mccluskey and sollozzo?

, July 31, 2003; 2:17 PM


It is the same theme Mr. Rota used throughout his segment of "Spirits of the Dead". In fact so much of the music from "The Godfather" was re-cycled from other films including "Rocco & His Brothers", et. al., that his Oscar nomination was withdrawn.

An interesting footnote, however: when "The Godfather Part II" was released, he recieved his Oscar nomination and won the award that year, and most of the music was written previously for . . ."The Godfather".

Go figure.

weavercp, August 1, 2003; 6:18 PM

wow, i didnt realize rota recycled that much material. but do you know the name of the actual song thats being played?

, August 5, 2003; 5:10 PM

Sorry I dont know that...I got a question what is the name of the music which was sing by Michael's Son in Gotfather Part III (I know It ýs soundtrack of the movie but I want to know that in Italian)

, December 14, 2003; 7:52 PM

YES YES YES!!! I am looking for this particular piece myself.
In fact, I bumped onto this forum in the desperate search to find anything about this piano melody.

And I can NOT find anything about it, while I believe it is the most beautiful music in the whole movie... Does anyone know the song pianist plays on instrument while newspapers shows gruesome pictures of mafia mob war?

PLEASE, HELP!!! <:-)

, February 16, 2004; 8:16 AM


"..... Although the theme appears on the album fairly often, one of the most provocative versions, the robust cue that immediately follows the Sollozzo (Al Lettieri) and McClusky (Sterling Hayden) murders, does not. (A concertized version of this cue appears as one of the variations of "Michael's Theme" on the album The Godfather Suite.) ......"

, February 16, 2004; 8:50 AM

In addition, Coppola's father (Carmine, a retired classical musician and conductor) was the one playing piano in the "mattresses" sequence, and his mother was the switchboard operator at the office (scene cut)

, February 16, 2004; 9:06 AM


, February 16, 2004; 9:17 AM

Hi there,
i beleive that the title to this track is called ' this lonliness'
i only know that through myself asking questions as i wish to get this track also.
apparently it is on an album called 'the godfather family wedding album' which also has other tunes not featuring on any other cd. Which is madness by the way!!

, December 6, 2004; 11:56 AM

Thanks a lot! :) Now I know.

This music is really beautiful, and I've been playing piano myself for 16 years. Mostly jazz...

, December 6, 2004; 12:50 PM

hey, i have a question too.

i really like that old piece of music played after the wedding, when they show images of hollywood. it starts there and ends when tom hagen goes into the studio to talk to woltz

its also played when woltz shows him around his mansion

its old, sounds cool and gives you that feeling of old hollywood glamour.

does anyone have any idea of the name of that song?

thanks a lot

, September 30, 2005; 5:40 AM

Oh, man! I know the melody you're talking about, but unfortunately does not know its name or where it came from...

wish you luck in your search! Please, post here if you'll find anything...

, October 2, 2005; 10:00 AM

hey, whats up

the name of that song is MANHATTAN SERENADE by Jo Stafford.
turns out its not only instrumental, at a point of the song a woman sings.

, October 25, 2005; 2:22 AM

I actually think the name of the song is "Penthouse Serenade." I keep listening to the song on the movie and this is the one that comes closest to it. However, I've tried to match it to a musician but I can't get that authentic sound. The closest is Nat King Cole. Hope this helps. Let me know if you get a melody exactly like the one in the movie. Thanks.

venado1830, April 6, 2006; 2:17 PM

some answers to the title of the godfather theme song
in english:speak softly love
in italian : parla pui piano (giani morandi)(ornella vanoni)(patrizio buanne)
in french :parle plus bas (raymond berthiaume)

runnyfrog, May 6, 2006; 5:28 AM

hi - just a tangent really. I've been listening to BBC 3 on the internet (a great source for
classical, jazz, world music) and there's a show 'The Composer of The Week'. In this week's
show they are profiling an opera composer from the 19th century : Felix Mendelssohn. I was
listening to the Monday broadcast (6th November 2006) and in an opera about a Polish folktale
about an evil green goblin, I started hearing a tune very familiar to me. Just for a minute or 2 it
sounds VERY much like some of the 'Godfather' score. Listen from 44 minutes to about 46.
Maybe I'm making a leap, but they do sound similar to me. I looked up the Godfather score to
see if it was the same piece and this is how I found your blog! I too love the Godfather
soundtrack. good luck with all your searches

st__john, November 8, 2006; 11:58 AM

Response to Godfather Soundtrack

in response to the woltz's Manhattan Serenade by: Tommy Dorsey & Jo Stafford!

jmstanley125, March 27, 2007; 4:20 PM

Coppola discusses the piano track in his commentary of the movie: the piece is indeed called
This Loneliness and it is written and performed by his father. In fact, the recording of the song
heard in the film was the production sound of him actually performing it on camera, the very
take seen in the finished film. On the original track itself you can even hear sounds of the men
dining in the background as seen in the shot. Where to get a recording of this I don't really
know, I've only heard it.

correctmyself, July 28, 2007; 8:19 PM

Can somebody share the track "This Loneliness" from the original album, i found this (
but it's fake

kane05, December 28, 2007; 1:57 PM

Isn't Manhattan Serenade the opening title music from My Man Godfrey? Anyone know where to find that version (or a close big band approximation)?

mrchriswell, March 19, 2008; 4:09 PM

It's called "This Loneliness" and there is a transcription of the SHEET MUSIC on eBay.

drowlands, June 3, 2010; 2:22 AM

Piano piece is called "This loneliness" which is on YouTube. Also check out on YouTube a lovely orchestral version. Go to "The Godfather's Wedding Album - This Loneliness". Knockout!

drowlands, June 4, 2010; 5:32 AM

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