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Im on the look out for any old cartoon music. Scott Bradleys tom and jerry to carl stalling. I have the two carl stalling sets, but there must be more out there. If you have any ideas, email me we can set something up! thanks.

scherzo_m, December 28, 2003; 7:37 PM


In 1993, Milan released a CD of "Tex Avery Cartoons" music which contained six
abridged cuts of Scott Bradley's music from MGM cartoons.

glenngarv, December 29, 2003; 2:18 AM

Broughton released a promotional CD called Cartoon Concerto. I got my copy from Screen Archives Entertainment.

tlkiefner, December 29, 2003; 10:04 PM

There's also the Warner Bros. "That's All Folks" 2 disc set and while not music, there's also "Crash! Bang! Boom!: The Best of WB Sound FX" on CD and DVD-Audio.


dstrohmeng, December 30, 2003; 12:16 AM

Well as you know...there really nothing new out there with the exeption of the Looney Tunes 4 disc dvd set which features seperate tracks to such wb classics as the Scarlet Pumpernickel,etc. Also the set features a short but decent profile of Carl Stalling
Secondly. the new Looney Tunes movie features a fun Stalling like Score by Jerry Goldsmith. I'm not a Goldsmith fan but this one hits the bullseye !!!
Happy 2004

tojosline, December 31, 2003; 7:43 PM

Well, Tom, I guess that makes you a Goldsmith fan now, doesn't it? (and it's about time, too!)


American Nightmare

American_Nightmare, January 1, 2004; 4:50 AM

You may also enjoy the music of Raymond Scott, a swing/jazz composer from the 30's and 40's who's quirky little tunes were used by Carl Stalling. Scott composed the famous "factory music" used in thousands of cartoons and movies. It's actually a piece called "Powerhouse." There are about 10 CDs available through you could get... the best is probably "Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights" (original recordings). Check out, too.


, January 28, 2004; 12:32 PM

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