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Stelvio Cipriani ost to trade or buy.

hi to everybody. I would like to buy the following soundtracks by Stelvio Cipriani released
on Digitmovies label:
1. La morte cammina con i tacchi alti (death walks on high heels) (CDDM056)
2. Un'ombra nell'ombra (CDDM052)
3. L'iguana dalla lingua di fuoco (CDDM069)
4. Blindman (CDDM044)
I'm interested to buy them or to obtain them by trading some ost of mine.

latebar71, December 26, 2012; 2:46 PM


try contact Digitmovies at They're open to suggestions: they say if they get a good number of requests for an out-of-print title they can consider to reissue it again.. and be persuasive! :D
Also, I've just read you contacted me on 26th december, sorry for replying so late (I hadn't checked the page or simply didn't get notification from the site). Well.. yes! still searching most of Digitmovies, GDM etc. Italian OST CDs, if you have a set sale/ swap list please do let me know. Thank you.

greenman969, January 7, 2013; 10:03 PM

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