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Bernard Herrmann soundtracks for sale

For sale (all CD in perfect condition) :

Blue Denim (FSM)

Beneath the 12 mile reef (FSM)

Herrmann at Fox Vol.1 : Tender is the night, A Hatful of rain, Man
with gray flannel suit

Herrmann at Fox Vol.2 : Garden of evil, Prince of players, King of
Khyber rifles

Fahrenheit 451 (Varese)

Citizen Kane, Kilimanjaro, Jane Eyre, Jason, Devil and Webster

Journey to center of earth, 7th voyage Sinbad, Day earth stood still,
Fahrenheit 451 (Decca)

Jane Eyre (Marco Polo)

Please make offer for any combination of CD.
I ship worldwide

Bob (

b.jam, June 1, 2013; 6:22 AM

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