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given that many of the recently entered track lists are sometimes unattractively long because of many empty lines, let me give just one small very basic bit of information for those who are not familiar with HTML:

If you want to make a simple LINE BREAK in the descriptive text under (!) a track title, just use the <br /> tag (or just <br> ).
It will finish the current line, but there will be no empty line between one line and the following line (just like there is no empty line between the previous and this sentence in this paragraph).

The <p> tag creates a PARAGRAPH BREAK, so it results in the insertion of a full empty line (like the one above and below this paragraph).

I hope this can help to make track lists a little more compact again and save a little scrolling for us all.

I for my part would also suggest using bold emphasis very rarely, as the standard track titles are all bold by default; so making words bold will seldom achieve what it's meant to achieve: to highlight something. My suggestion would be to CAPITALIZE selected (!) words instead.



handstand, September 17, 2013; 3:01 PM


I completely agree. Track lists such as these two LLL releases are really not friendly to read:

Thumbs down!

42zaphod, September 17, 2013; 4:12 PM

Ivan, if you're reading this, regarding the example mentioned in 42zaphod's post, try

<br />1X11 EVE

under the first line of your X-FILES box tracklist. I think it will look much better (and it will also clarify which tracks the line actually refers to), and if you agree, I recommend to follow the same pattern for the other descriptive texts as well.

handstand, September 17, 2013; 5:08 PM

It is also interesting to note that I originally submitted the track listing to WHITE DAWN yesterday and it appeared there as I wrote it, only to find later during the day that it was replaced by Mr. Sorokin's version, which is about five lines longer without adding any new information.

42zaphod, September 18, 2013; 12:50 PM

Let's not dwell too much on names, I assume Ivan means well.
I just hope we can all improve track lists.

Regarding "overwritten" track lists, I have had that happen as well. I believe it usually happens when two people are entering a tracklist at roughly the same time. Eventually the one who finishes his entry last will have his tracklist overwriting the first one. At least that's what my impression is.

handstand, September 18, 2013; 1:03 PM

I'm not concerned about a displayed name - but found it very interesting that it happened on the same day when you raised this issue on the forum as it is another good example of unnecessarily used blank space and lines in the track listing (I'm merely judging the outcome, not the credit).

It would be good if the option to add a listing would have been somehow "locked" when a first person starts doing it (the same way you cannot submit an image to a title where it already had been submitted).

42zaphod, September 18, 2013; 1:37 PM

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