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What is digipak frozen ost?

I don't understand, please tell me? thank you!!

dicktkhtam, July 19, 2014; 3:39 PM


A digipak is just a different method of holding the CDs. Most CDs
traditionally are contained in plastic jewel cases, but in order to
save money on packaging more companies are moving towards
digipaks. They are formed of a cardboard outer and a plastic disc
tray glued (sometimes very badly...) to the inside of this. If a
booklet is included this may sit in a sleeve on the inside front
cover, or may just be loose.

As a result the packaging overall is lighter and takes up less
space on the shelf, but is not quite so hard wearing.

Hope this helps!

bentleyjames52, July 21, 2014; 5:02 PM


dicktkhtam, July 23, 2014; 7:59 AM

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