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Sette Winchester Per Un Massacro

Just recently saw Sette Winchester Per Un Massacro with a fantatstic score by Francesco De Masi. I noticed particularly a scene about 17 mins in where Edd Byrnes and compadre ride horses across a ridge. De Masi delivers an interesting variation on the main theme. When I checked my soundtarck album it wasn't there! I have the 22 track General Music version. My question is does anyone know if the expanded Verita Note release with 26 tracks have this particular piece included? any info gratefully received

gerry.hill, July 29, 2014; 3:12 PM


The piece you're thinking of, which is very effective, is actually the bed track of the main theme minus the lead instruments.

m_mcq, July 30, 2014; 10:56 PM

Thanks for that info! I see what you mean. I would never have guessed as it sounded like a good variation. I wonder has this turned up as a karaoke style track on the verita note release. One thing I did find out was that this instrumental was used in that sequence when the film was released under the title Payment in Blood, In the Sette Winchester title release the song Seven Men by Raul Lovecchio was used. Thanks again for clearing that up.

gerry.hill, August 1, 2014; 7:20 PM

That's interesting.
So in the U.S. release, for whatever reason, they mixed out the vocal for that sequence.
I've not heard the Verita CD.

m_mcq, August 1, 2014; 9:59 PM

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