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Help needed in identifying soundtrack / background music...

I am seeking help in identifying the music used in this 2-minute documentary, "Chasing History," about Sebastian Vettel's 2013 search to repeat as Formula 1 champion.
The video was originally produced by Speed Channel, with Sam Posey as the narrator.

I can't tell whether the music is taken from (a) a soundtrack or similar album (as productions of this sort often do), (b) a gaming source, (c) a legitimate choral piece, or (d) something else.
I very much doubt that it was created soley for this 2-minute highlight.

I have included the following links for cloud-stored versions of both the original flash video and an audio-only file:

[original flash video]:
Vettel - Chasing History.flv

[audio only]:
Vettel - Chasing History.mp3

Thank you.

filtpromos, August 8, 2014; 12:30 AM

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