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Seeking Gordon Music Company/Revue Studios library music cues

Does anyone here know where I might obtain some recordings of the television cues/underscore music that was used in the early years (Seasons One and Two; 1957/58 and 1958/59) of "Leave it to Beaver," which was filmed at the old Republic Studios?

I understand this could also be alternately listed as cue music of Revue Studios, also possibly in association with parent company MCA and subsidiary company Gomalco Productions (formed by comedian George Gobel with his business manager Dave O'Malley, of which their surnames form the composite of the company name). Gomalco also produced the Revue series "Wagon Train."

I have frequently heard the cue music of "Leave it to Beaver" as the cue music of other television series', including "Mister Ed," which was not a Revue series but had among its music staff an arranger and composer named Dave Kahn who was also, apparently, the principal music arranger of "Leave it to Beaver" its early years, as well the composer of the music for the "Leave it to Beaver" main theme, along with lyricist Mort Greene.

I recently happened upon an episode of an old TV western series called "Buckskin" (which starred the child actor Tommy Nolan) and recognized the cue music as some I heard quite often before in the first two seasons of "Leave it to Beaver." The common threads of these two series', musically-speaking, are the following--music supervisors Frederick Herbert and Joseph E. Romero, as well composers Morton Greene (a/k/a "Mort Greene") and Melvyn Lenard.

I have read Lenard was really the pseudonym (using the first and middle names of his son) of David M. Gordon, who owned a music publishing company in southern California under contract to MCA Company's Revue Studios (MCA's television arm), and that Lenard was the name, for publishing purposes, under which all of Kahn's compositions were credited, and which allowed Gordon to obtain half the royalties on all of Kahn's theme compositions, for whatever reason(s). Presumably, the royalties of the "Beaver" main theme ("The Toy Parade") are somehow fairly split between Gordon, Kahn and Greene, or at least between Gordon's company and . Greene, the latter who wrote the lyrics to "Toy Parade," with Kahn the composer of the actual music. Gordon a/k/a "Melvyn Lenard" was merely the music publisher of record.

Before arranging and composing music for Gordon's company for Revue productions, Kahn had worked at Republic Pictures (where some Revue TV series' came to be filmed) music department, also as an arranger and orchestrator, which in turn led to an association with music supervisor Raoul Kraushaar, composing nearly all the music for the "Hopalong Cassidy" TV films.

Further reading shows Kahn was also associated with that aforementioned "Buckskin" series, as well the music of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," including having arranged the Hitchcock main theme, Charles Gounod's "Funeral March of a Marionette," one of its five different arrangements used in the Hitchcock series' over a decade. Other series' (most of them Revue Studios' productions) for which Kahn contributed music were "Bachelor Father," "Death Valley Days," "M Squad," "The Real McCoys," "The Restless Gun," "The Thin Man," and "Wagon Train," as well several more.

After his Revue days (from the early 1960s to early '70s) Kahn worked at Filmways, on such series' as "The Addams Family," "The Beverly Hillbillies," "Green Acres," and "Petticoat Junction." Supposedly, Kahn's voice may be heard along with, mainly, that of co-composer Vic Mizzy, singing the theme of "The Addams Family."

Anyway, I would appreciate it if anyone knows where I may obtain recordings (on CD or vinyl) of the Gordon Music Company library/Revue Studios music cues, most apparently scored by Dave Kahn under the auspices of Gordon Music. Are there any recordings available of the Gordon Music Company cue library? Or, in what collections would one find the music cues used in "Leave it to Beaver" and other Revue and Filmways series'?

jimmo531, August 18, 2014; 3:24 AM


try 805 320 6539
or 805 647 4776

sc, September 19, 2017; 7:35 PM

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