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looking to hire an archivist for research

Hi -

I'm a composer and I'm looking to hire someone who has expertise in
1960s-1970s exploitation movie soundtracks to do some research for
me on a project. Specific areas of interest include:

- Blaxploitation soundtracks
- any movies that feature 1970s Funk or Jazz (such as many Italian
films of this era)
- soundtracks that feature Surf-style Rock, or variations of this style
(such as James Bond-ish Spy Rock)
- soundtracks that feature late 60s/early 70s Psychedelic Rock
- soundtracks that feature grungy garage Rock
- any Spaghetti Western sound tracks
- 1970s Japanese Yakuza, Pinky Violence, Samurai soundtracks that
feature Japanese versions of American Rock, Jazz, or Funk.

If you own or have access to soundtracks in any of these categories and
would be interested in a short-term research/archivist job, please
contact me via email at

Thanks -

Steve Sechi

ssechi, September 13, 2014; 4:59 AM

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