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seeking opinions: quality choral music from soundtracks


I'm hoping to tap into the knowledge and opinions of the regular users
of this site . . .

I'm looking for songs/music, preferably from the art music realm (so,
composers like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, etc.) that were
performed by choirs for movie soundtracks. Ideally, the choir would be
a capella (voices only).

All thoughts and opinions very much appreciated . . .


laragreene, September 22, 2014; 6:27 AM


Use of Agnus Dei(Barbers Adagio for strings) in John Barry's "The Scarlet Letter",
choir only.

And of course Barry's own choir-only compositions for "The Lion in Winter" and
"The last Valley".

hellomike, September 23, 2014; 8:07 AM

John Taverners "Children of men"

peter-anselm, September 25, 2014; 4:56 PM

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