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2014 Children with Cancer UK TV advert On YouTube with Thomas Newman music

Hi there!

I wonder if anybody can help. There is a TV advert campaign running in the UK at
the moment for the charity: Children With Cancer UK. This advert contains music
in the background, which sounds remarkably like a piece of score composed by
THOMAS NEWMAN. I've tried several times to identify this piece of music using
Shazam on my mobile phone, but I have been unsuccessful. I don't know what
the piece is called or where it comes from.

The advert itself IS easy to find however, on YouTube, just punch in: 2014
Children with Cancer UK TV advert - on YouTube and it will come straight up.

I would appreciate it very much if anybody knows anything or can give me any

Thanks & best wishes,

Danny Bowes

P.S.: James Horner was a great loss.

DannyBowes, June 24, 2015; 11:17 PM

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