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Looking for A Nightmare On Elm Street 3, Chloe (2010) and Batman Trilogy Varese European Soundtracks


I'm looking for the following soundtracks:

A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors - Angelo Badalamenti, Varese (US or Colosseum is fine)
Chloe - Mychael Danna, Silva Screen
Rollerball - Andre Previn, Varese (US or Colosseum is fine)
Kuffs- Harold Faltermeyer, Milan
Dark Star - John Carpenter, Varese

Will buy or trade for these titles. Please feel free to contact me at if anyone has these titles and what your asking price is. Thanks.

snowboundlanding, July 24, 2015; 6:39 AM


I have Batman trilogy like new. Can change against one Intrada or FSM title, tell me
please which titles can you offer.

Best Regards

manosque34, July 31, 2015; 5:23 PM

Batman has been found. I wouldn't offer an FSM or Intrada titles for that. Definitely for the others on my want list but not for that. Thanks.

snowboundlanding, August 1, 2015; 6:48 AM


I have the Angelo Badalamenti CD on Colosseum available. Please see add "Out of print horror soundtracks for sale".

ronanqueau, August 21, 2015; 2:21 PM

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