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Looking for The Shining soundtrack on CD

Can anyone help me out? Can't find the damn thing anywhere. Only
available on vinyl for a damn hefty price.

stayanddrown, August 19, 2015; 12:18 AM


According to SC database, only 60 individually-numbered officially released copies do exist. It was released in the rare Japanese "Reflex" label. If you think the vinyl is expensive, wait until you find one of these CDs.

On the other hand, a boot released in the "Soundtrack Library" label does also exist. It is a boot, anyway.

No doubt, it would be a great idea to officially re-release it on CD. Although I've already got the vinyl, I wouldn't hesitate one second to go for the CD.

You can also try to find the highly interesting complete music composed (but not used) by Wendy Carlos for "The Shining" and released by the "East Side Digital" label as "Rediscovering Lost Scores - Volume One". Here you have a link to information about this release:

Best regards,

angeldibujo, August 22, 2015; 8:13 AM

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