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A collection from more then 2.000 OST Soundtracks on CD available in Bangkok Thailand

From a friends widow (he passed away in 2014 in Thailand) we announce a collection from
more then 2.000 CD's in a top condition.... He was origin from germany, his name was
Peter Munck, maybe some of you guys had contact in the past. He start collecting in the
60th of the last century vinyl, from the last 80th he collect cd's more then 20 years. A
complete listing is available end of december 2015, also detailed pics.... please contact us
for more information, we will reply asap.

der68er, November 6, 2015; 9:40 AM


Hi, when your list is ready, please send it to:

Best Regards

manosque34, November 7, 2015; 3:23 PM

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