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Italian Western Soundtracks wanted!

I am looking for following soundtrack CDs:
1) The Sabata Trilogy (Quartet Records) Gimbini/Nicolai
2) E poi chiamarono il magnifico (Digitmovies) Guide & Maurizio de Angelis
3) Occhio alla penna (Digitmovies) Morricone
4) Preparati la bara (Digitmovies) Reverbi

Please contact my if you'll have one of these for sale.

sevi.reinle, August 26, 2016; 1:36 PM


I think they still have THE SABATA TRILOGY on sale at Rosebud for a decent price. Here you have a link:

Good luck! and greetings.

angeldibujo, August 27, 2016; 9:48 AM


Please contact me at


sevi.reinle, September 1, 2016; 4:44 PM

If you need OST pressed in Brazil, Argentina please send me your want list.

latingroove2013, September 19, 2016; 9:03 PM

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