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Need help with movie title. :(

Looking for a title, and if possible a copy of the soundtrack. A movie
from the 50s, around or just before The High and the Mighty. It's a
western film which probably wouldn't be familiar today. The theme
was a solo whistler, accompanied by rhythmic strings and a muffled
tympani. I don't believe it charted, but it did get some radio play
around that time. I know this is precious little information, but it's all
I can remember about the movie. I hope someone can help with this!

gayspiritwarrior, August 28, 2017; 12:13 AM


Hi Gayspiritwarrior,
Around THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY (1954) was the western GUNFIGHT AT THE O.K. CORRAL (1957), with music composed also by Dimitri Tiomkin. The main song started with a solo whistle. You can find it going through the following link. The whistle starts at 0:16. I hope it helps:

On the other hand, I can hardly remember any other western soundtrack pre-Tiomkin including a solo whistle, until the arrival of Ennio Morricone in the sixties.

Kind regards,

angeldibujo, August 28, 2017; 11:46 AM

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