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Harry Potter Box Set 16CD Soundtrack Collector

Has anyone heard about this eight 2CD digipack set?

nicolas28, December 20, 2017; 8:43 AM


I don't know about the 16 cds, but I know that Rhino has released a 10 lp set on picture discs. For sale at for 229.90 Euro.
I just discovered: also have the 16 cd set for 119.90 Euro. You get 521 tracks.

s.tonkens, December 30, 2017; 4:34 PM

I've found it for sale at, in Japan. They describe it as a "16CD set of complete scores for all eight Harry Potter movies!!! Featuring 18 hours and half of music!! Digipak. Limited edition".

They also claim it is a bootleg, priced $158.

I hope this helps.


angeldibujo, December 20, 2017; 6:09 PM

Thanks for the info!

I got my copy.

The Box set is awesome. Digipack quality is excellent. Bootleg or not, for the price is really worth buying. $20 for a 2CD digipack is a gift.

nicolas28, January 20, 2018; 5:46 PM

Bootleg alert! Beware of this seller.

peter-anselm, June 30, 2019; 11:53 AM

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