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I am looking to find the name of a soundtrack

Hello Dear Members,

I am glad to be here and to find a chance to ask my question. I am looking to
find the name of a soundtrack which playing on the below link, it's part of
British's God Talent TV show, the soundtrack is playing when the boy starts to
solve the cubes, I would highly appreciate you if you could help me to know
what is the name of that soundtrack and who is the composer?

Soundtrack starts at : 1:04 min.

Thanks for your time and attention regarding my post.

Best Regards,

100nate, September 24, 2018; 6:59 AM



Magika is the title of this piece (Thomas Bergersen)
Definitely 100% found, see link hereafter

nota: Have also a look to "Two Steps from Hell" band

Salut de France

didier.braire, September 28, 2018; 4:11 PM

No thanks ! not satisfied you are ?

didier.braire, October 1, 2018; 1:32 PM

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