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The American Revolution (History Channel)

I am looking for the soundtrack to:

The American Revolution (a.k.a. The Revolution)
[History Channel - 2006; music by Gary Pozner]

Not to be confused with the following:
1. Liberty! The American Revolution
[PBS - 1997; music by Richard Einhorn]
2. The American Revolution
[A&E - 1994; music by Christopher L. Stone]
3. The American Revolution
[AHC - 2014; music by -UNKNOWN-]
4. The French Revolution
[THC - 2005; music by Gary Pozner]

Any help finding this is appreciated. I have all
but pulled my hair out of my head attempting
to find this gem (including searching this site).

Thanks in advance.

bljw0917, November 4, 2018; 2:57 PM


Hi There,
I have a feeling there was never a commercial release of the soundtrack
although there may be a rare promo floating around.

rdaniel, November 6, 2018; 7:35 PM

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