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The Thing 2CD - Morricone&Carpenter for sell!!

There is an unsealed copy for this rare OOP limited edition available on eBay!

Check it out, it's now on $50 (very cheap compared to previously paid prices of $220 and more in previous auctions!)

There is also a STILL STEALED copy available on the same seller, with a bit more of "pepper" on the price.

nicolas28, November 8, 2018; 7:15 PM


Bootleg alert! Beware of this seller.

peter-anselm, November 13, 2018; 9:30 PM

Pay no attention to this guy.....he bashes everyone on the forum and he himself sells bootleg cheap CD-R copies with inkjet printed covers. The quality of the bootleg he tries to pass as real editions is laughable!

Notice how he tells other people to avoid other sellers (Marc Kappes is one of the oldest members of this forum, well recognized collector) with pathetic comments, most likely so he can rip them off with his bootlegs.

nicolas28, December 26, 2018; 10:36 AM

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